Body-Mind Work

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could just calm the dialogue in the brain?

With a solid understanding of the goals you want to achieve, I’ll establish tools for you to experience a more balanced body energy, physical energy, and mental energy in your day.

You will find the breath techniques tailored to a specific need for a specific time.

You will learn mindfulness as a way of being rather than a fleeting practice of doing.

bowls-smokeThrough breath work, meditation bowls, yoga, Shiva Nata (dynamic concentration), and/or Body-Brain Training, we’ll lower your stress, calm that inner dialogue, and increase your overall well being.

We may discover together that Body-Mind Work is complemented by Lifestyle Coaching and/or Body Work to best achieve your goals.

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Personal Mission Statement:

To give, To connect, To share joy
with every person I meet.

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Love is the set of the will for the eternal welfare of the other.  - unknown