Body Work

If you want to make changes to your physical body, health, and wellness, you may have no idea where to start – either because of not enough information, or because of too much information.

Together we’ll sift through it all, starting with your goals and an evaluation of where you are today, and figuring out what is most needed for you to achieve:

  • a higher level of living
  • a better way of moving
  • an appropriate weight
  • a balanced daily energy
  • a better night’s sleep

…or any other physical goals you have.

Ultimately, you decide what you need most. Coaching helps you work through all the options for your best right answer.

Yoga is just one of many body-work options available to help you meet your physical goals.

Among the tools available to you with my help are:

  • personal fitness training
  • yoga
  • rehabilitation and specialty work in areas such as:
    • pregnancy
    • elderly
    • cardiac rehab
    • medically-controlled diseases and health conditions
    • cancer

When we meet, we may discover that additional work through Lifestyle Coaching or Body-Mind Work may help you meet your goals even faster.

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