Lifestyle Coaching

What are the top three challenges that you face? The three that pop immediately into your mind at this question?

church-smokeThrough Lifestyle Coaching, I can partner with you to approach these challenges and discover what needs to be done (or not be done) to achieve your goals.

We’ll learn about your internal thought life and the impact it’s having on your ability to make positive changes. We’ll look at slowing down through the use of mindful questions. We’ll evaluate how your thoughts about the past or the future are affecting your present.

And together, we’ll create a plan to move you through the transition into your next, glorious you.

Lifestyle Coaching isn’t about being told what to do, it’s about learning how to ask yourself. I’m merely your guide on the journey.

As we discover together what your goals are, we may decide that the addition of Body Work and/or Body-Mind Work could help you achieve your goals even faster.

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Personal Mission Statement:

To give, To connect, To share joy
with every person I meet.

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